Six Reasons Why You Should Hire Daniel Leiser

Hi, my name is Daniel Leiser and I am a writer. Nice to meet you!

Let’s start off with this though, call me Dan. Daniel Leiser is great and all but Dan Leiser is a little shorter and a little sweeter.

Now that that’s over with let’s get to the good part. I’m going to give you a list of six reasons why you should hire me to write for your company. Why six? Why not? Five seems overused but seven ate nine and that’s just not something I want to be a part of.


I bring with me a plethora of experience as a writer that gives you the ability to throw me in the mixer with many types of companies. This includes companies that may be car brands, pet products, technology and all of it’s many facets, and even jacuzzi brands. I’ve been around the block in my short time as a freelance writer and utilizing those experiences I’ll be able to craft content specific to your need.


While some might look at my >2 of experience as a bad thing or not worth the time I think it can work to your advantage. You see I have a voice that can mend, mesh, and merge with any of your brands or clients while still remaining informative and engaging. And in the internet age and micro attention spans doesn’t it help to have someone who can cater to those type of audiences? I’ll be able to come into your company, adapt the voice you need, and perform well.


I can adapt, meaning if you want long form articles, throw ‘em at me! You want blogs, products descriptions or articles that meet anywhere from 90-900 words, well you guessed it throw them my way. This is because I am always curious and interested in learning something new and sharing that with others.


A strong work ethic. I won’t leave until the job is done. Whether you need me to come in early, stay late, or work on weekends I’m there. It will keep me up at night if I think I didn’t complete the task.


While a history background might seem like a strange one to consider let me calm your nerves. They preach a few things in every class. First, they taught us how to write. Second, they taught us how to analyze and think critically about a text. Third, they taught us how to research and gather all of the facts to make the most informed decision. And if you are here that last one applies to you, doesn’t it? You see those three things were hammered into our heads in every class we took in the history department. So while you may have been questioning what a person with a degree in history can bring to your organization hopefully you can see more fully now.

And as a little bonus they made us do a ton of group projects, so being a team player comes with the package.


I have experience in SEO through two different streams. The first being a brief run as an E-commerce business owner. And while I can admit it wasn’t successful as a whole it taught me a great deal. As it was my first run in with SEO as someone who was attempting to benefit from it. I found ways that garnered consistent views, clicks, and purchases. While they were modest they were nevertheless successful.

The second stream was/is in freelance writing. Clients will give me a list of requirements and I then implement them as well as use my knowledge to improve them. And I like to think I have been successful with that as a consistent stream of clients means something, right?

There. 6 reasons you should highly consider hiring me as a writer for your company. If those aren’t enough then shoot me an email and let’s figure some more reasons why you should.

My email is I look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to talk about any opportunity you have for me.