Local SEO and You


The ability to find any kind of business in a small area is a simple Google search away. Whether it be within 5 miles to 25 miles a business will pop up for mostly anyones needs. This is where your business comes into play, because if you aren’t one of those businesses popping up in the search than you are losing business. It’s that simple. So this is a list for you to see why you should care about local search engine optimization and how it affects your business.

1. Search Engine Savvy

Google has recently implemented a program called local intent. Which positions local companies prominently for search results. For instance when someone types in pizza it is usually meant for someone looking for a local pizza shop not someone looking up the definition of pizza. Even though that is fascinating and all, Google knows differently then it used to. So if you are a local pizza shop you should consider getting SEO optimized in order to be high on the search results whenever pizza is searched in your area. Using keywords that represent your business will help the process of getting people to your store.

2. Smart Phones and Local Search

Smart phone give the ability for the user to search anything at their fingertips, whenever, wherever. This seems obvious but when it comes to searching for local businesses, mobile phones dominate the searches. And you need to understand this. It can make or break you as a local business when you don’t appear on search engines. How can you optimize for you local business on mobile? First and foremost you need to put up a name, address, and phone number. Putting up this tiny amount of information gives some presence on the internet and will at least give you visibility for those out and about to consider.

3. Competitors

You may not be up on the most recent trends in internet searches, but you can guarantee your competitors are. While you may have an established local business with great word of mouth and a reputation, your competitor may be a new upstart that somehow is stealing your business away from you. Do you know why? Because they have taken advantage of SEO and use the web to their advantage they’re the new kid on the block. If you want to stay ahead of the competition you should combine all of the classic methods of advertising and the power of SEO.

4. Online Reviews.

Online reviews are very important and work on a couple different levels for local businesses. For one, local businesses can lose a lot of customers if a few people give them a bad review. If out of 5 stars you have a 2.5 how likely do you think someone will go to you with their business if there are numerous others in better standing than you? Having satisfied customers leave reviews will encourage people to try out your business and they generally trust positive reviews when taking a new chance with a business. But it also impacts how you will be brought up on Google. Companies that have more reviews will gain higher search rankings than ones without them. Which if you haven’t realized by now, is huge. So if you provide great service and believe people trust that, ask them to review your business to help out.

When going through the process it might be confusing at first and don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are a local business that needs a boost there are companies willing to help and have a wide range of expertise to help facilitate this, and now is your chance to check out how efficient local searches are. Just type in Bucks Digital and you get a plethora of options and different services that can help you with the process. Local SEO companies like Bucks digital will be able to boost your search rankings and give you a successful marketing campaign. When it comes to your business, can you afford to miss out on the unlimited potential of SEO?


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