Port Wine

What is Port wine?

Port wine originated in, surprise, Portugal! This is because the British needed to have their wine fix way back when they were at war with the reigning wine champs, France. One of those many times that happened… So they had to figure out how to find delicious wine without negotiating with France. This is how Port wine came out of the debacle. Because Portugal, specifically from the Duoro region facilitated the need. But it would spoil on trips back. Well to ensure that the wine would remain drinkable when it arrived from Portugal they decided to fortify it. So by adding brandy or some type of spirit to the process of making it ensured the survival of that sweet sweet wine. And it is sweet, it is one of the hallmarks of Port wine.

In fact, Port wine is served best with desert because of the very fact of how deliciously sweet it is. This is because of the rich and sweet flavor profile it has that includes flavors like raspberry, chocolate, cinnamon, and blackberry among other sweeter flavors. As you can see the delightfully sweet wine is perfect for something sweet to sip on that isn’t overpowering.

Varieties of Port Wine

There are a few distinct styles of Port wine that will be helpful to know when you go about discovering which one you might like better. There is the ruby Port wine which has more berry and chocolate flavors to it while the tawny port is of caramel and nut flavors. A White port which has flavors of apricot, baked apple, and roasted nuts. And finally there is a Rose Port which consists of flavors of strawberry, caramel, and cranberry. While these four are not the only kinds of Port wine you’ll most likely run into these types in stores the most. The wide variety of flavors is only one great part of the wine. The pairings with food is the other slice of the pie. Because what desert ends with just a drink?


If you prefer to have something to snack on while you eat, try out some richly flavored cheese, salty and smoky nuts, or even smokey meat. And an all time favorite…chocolate. That’s right you can pair you favorite chocolate truffle with this, just watch out as it might set you over the top. These pairings will prove to satisfy both your taste buds and any friends and family that you decide to share this with.

America’s Port-style wine

While to be technically called Port wine it has to originate from the Douro region of Portugal, there are Port-style wines from our very own US of A that can compete with Ports from overseas. A few wineries that are creating delicious ports are Quady Winery, Meyer Family Cellars, and Charbray. All are bring their A game and making sure America has something to offer in the Port wine department.

So no matter what you decide, whether it’s a ruby, white or a Rose you will be able to satisfy those sweet cravings while enjoying one of the higher percentage wines. So let’s go over this, you get numerous choices of a wide range of flavors and you can pair it up with chocolate for an after dinner snack? Should we order you one bottle or two?


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