Bike Laws

Bike Laws in Australia
Before hopping on your bike and taking it for a tour around the city you might want to check out the bike laws. According to the NSW legislation website a bicycle is a vehicle and adheres to the

same rules as other vehicles. Which means you must follow all the same rules as any vehicle while entering a roundabout. Riding a bike while under the influence is considered dangerous and against the law. If you are convicted you can lose up to six demerit points. Just don’t.

Head Safety
Let’s start at the top, helmets are mandatory in Australia and this is applied to all age groups as well as any passenger on the bike or in a bicycle trailer. This law was introduced to Australia from 1990-1992. The only exception they allow is for religious reasons.

All bikes must have a warning device such as a bell or a horn. It would also be good to keep these things in mind along the same lines. When riding at night or in dangerous weather the bike must have a red or white light that is clearly visible from 200 metres away on either the front or rear.

Sharing is Caring
You aren’t allowed to cause a traffic hazard by infringing upon the path of a driver or pedestrian.

This really means that if you can’t ride around a parked car or person walking without causing some time of accident… you probably shouldn’t go around them. Also, while you are riding your bike you must stay as close to the left side of the road as possible with the exception of turns and overtaking another cyclist.

Hand Signals Please
Hand Signals will come in handy while trying to avoid accidents. If you are turning or changing lanes you need to throw up some hand signals so people know where you’re going! You are however allowed to ride beside one other bicyclist but you have to stick within 1.5 metres and you are never allowed to ride in three’s. Except when passing another rider.

Bike Lanes
Bicycle lanes are there for you! Use them, as no one else is allowed to be within a bike lane while they are being used and they are there to keep you safe. Stay off the foot paths!

Read the Sign

There are Give way signs on buses that allow buses to pull to the left lane and you must allow them to do so. Don’t worry they’ll get back in the flow of traffic soon enough. You however are permitted to ride your bike in bus lanes but you are not allowed to get in their way if need be, so practice caution! However if it says bus only, stay away! This one seems rather obvious but don’t ride your bike where there are ‘No Bicycle’ signs. Just don’t.


And finally, there are crossing lights installed specifically for cyclists, obey it and stay safe!


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