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Style, Design, and Stunning Pink Table Decorations


Pink table decorations can show your guests how creative and stylish you are. But it’s not always easy coming up with designs that coincide and match up with each other. In this article you will find a few designs, a few suggestions, and a few ideas on how to put it all together. Whether you are a hosting type or you’re just starting out as the host for family gatherings these ideas will help steer you in the right direction.

We’re going to start with centerpieces and expand out. Now, the obvious pink table decoration that we can make is with flowers. When most of us think of pink flowers what we immediately think of are roses. But there are other flowers you can choose from including, azaleas, begonias, or peonies. Now we don’t just want to throw some flowers on a table and call it a day, let’s go over some options that you can incorporate on your table and really make that centerpiece stand out as a talking piece.

Pink Floral Centerpieces

First up is a simple design, about as simple as you can get. What you need is most likely around your house already. You simply pick out a mason jar, or a used and washed out coffee can, or a former candle jar and proceed to fill that up with water. Now you can guess where I’m going, place some of your favorite pink flowers in there and place it in the center of your table. Not so bad, huh? Well if that doesn’t do it for you then let’s step it up, shall we?

Get a mix of flowers, roses, peonies and azaleas, what have you, and make a bouquet out of them. Take your mason jar, candle jar, or coffee can and paint on a light coat of pink paint on it. You don’t necessarily have to completely cover it, a few lines or one large line around it can have a nice look to it. Make sure the paint is dry and then place your flowers in and place in the center of your table.

Don’t be afraid to throw in some lighter colored flowers to really make the pink stand out. Remember that you don’t have to stick to flowers as centerpieces for pink table decorations. You can place a candle as the centerpiece, and if you want to stick with pink table decorations than you can consider putting a pink fabric on the glass surrounding the candle. Now that we’ve covered centerpieces let’s move around the table.

More Than Just a Centerpiece

Pink table decorations aren’t just centerpieces nor do they have to strictly be flowers or candles. As a table consists of more than just a centerpiece, let’s explore how you can decorate the table in full.

A table-cloth seems like it’s pretty self-explanatory. You simply get a nice fabric and a place it over the table. But try to match it up with the centerpiece, or since you’ll probably have the tablecloth longer you might want to match up the flowers to the table cloth. As you would guess, it would help to have some napkins that match the table cloth.

Napkins don’t have to be boring or overlooked when you have a blank canvas to work on. You can, and should, explore designs that stand out and catch your guests eye. Here is one of a few designs that will wow your guests. The french pleat napkin design is visually appealing and it is rather functional as well as it creates three pockets for your spoon, knife, and fork. This design can be used any time of the year and is easy to make. If you are looking for more seasonal designs than you can combine everything to match the season.

Seasonal Designs and Pink Table Decorations

Pink table decorations can come in handy at any time of the year. Take for instance Thanksgiving. While we think of the colors at that time of the year as more earthy, it doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate your favorite color into the pink table decorations. As for flowers, don’t be afraid to mix your roses with earthy colored sprigs and other flowers and use a brown vase or pot as the centerpiece. Then you might want to skip the tablecloth or go with a white pattern. And since we’re going with a Thanksgiving theme, you can make a turkey with your napkins! It sounds complex but if you master it your in-laws will find another reason to be impressed with your talents. You will need two napkins per turkey though so be advised when attempting this intricate piece. Don’t worry, you can match the napkins to either the flowers or the vase as they complement each other appropriately.

And lastly, you can make a cute little napkin pouch that can be used as a container for your flowers, eggs, or bread sticks. Perfect for any occasion, all year round. And since the container can be matched up with the pink table decorations you can arrange them to bring out the beautiful colors and create an eye-popping, yet simple design for weddings, easter, or a nice Sunday dinner.


Pink table decorations are a way to broadcast to your guests that you are a host with an eye for detail and style. Utilizing these designs that are suggested for you will showcase some hidden talents that they might not have known about you. Who would have thought that you could match up a folded turkey napkin design with an earthy, yet appealing, pink floral centerpiece? Or that you could make a nice little pocket out of a napkin? Just remember to make sure to complement each piece with each other and introduce your guests to a relaxed meal and a great evening to come.


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