Top 10 High Tech Garden Gadgets

With our technological advancements in the recent years, it seems like each and every aspect of our lives can become better or easier when we incorporate those advancements in our lives. So why would we stop at the garden? Well we would not, and in case you need some guidance here is a selection of high tech gadgets that you can add to your indoor or outdoor garden and lawn to be able to get the most out of each. All of them are energy-efficient and green that follows the trends. Before we get started let’s go over one definition for the uninitiated, hydroponics. Hydroponics are a way to grow plants using mineral nutrient rich solutions without soil. Okay now that we got that out of the way let’s delve into some really interesting tech, shall we?

1. Indoor Garden Herb:ie

Have you ever wanted to bring in the garden from outside during the colder months? Or maybe you live in an apartment and miss those homegrown garden vegetables. Whatever it is you are after, this is the perfect tool that mixes the touch of home and high-tech innovation. It combines hydroponics and energy-efficient lighting to create a little garden in your kitchen or out on your fire escape. This high tech gadget is not only a great way to start a mini garden but it is also very sleek and modern in it’s design. You get a high-tech, fashionable product that also just happens to produce your favorite vegetables in the comfort of your own home.

2. Botanicall

This is just about the epitome of what we think of when we think of the future. Your plant can call or tweet you for assistance. Yeah, if that doesn’t make you think of high-tech gadgetry then I don’t think you can be pleased. Okay that might be harsh but think about your plant calling and/or tweeting you and then you tell me that isn’t incredible. Here’s how it works, you hook up a series of little electronic pieces and when the plant needs nutrition or watering it alerts you. While most of us think we can manage to water a plant it sometimes falls by the wayside as our lives twist and turn and we take on more and more responsibilities. So when you have a plant that you don’t want to wilt, think about hooking up the botanicall and never forget about watering them again.

3. CounterCrop

This gadget is sort of like the Indoor Garden but beefed up quite a bit and with the extra price tag. And you can see why with all of the features. Here is a quick overview for this mini garden. It has a watering system, LED lights that can imitate the sunrise, sunset and even the seasonal shifts we find in nature. There are remote programmable settings to ensure that all of the features come together to work in a syncretistic way. It will produce the healthiest possible plants without anymore effort on your part than planting some seeds and programming. If you want to have a kitchen garden with well stocked delicious plants but don’t feel like doing the work than this is a must for you.

4. Niwa

This is another automated gardening gadget that will absolutely take off any frustration that comes with trying to micromanage the growth of specific plants for the best possible results. Niwa does this by combining sprinklers, sensors, fans and growth lights. And this doesn’t complicate the process but rather they are automated and will be able to use centuries worth of knowledge that users might not have in order to customize each growth experience. All the user has to do is pick the seeds they will be using, put them in a hydroponic base and the device takes control. It knows what to do with the seeds because an app is connected to it where you input what plant it is and it will do what’s best for that individual plant. I wouldn’t go around bragging that you’re an experienced farmer after using this, but you can still brag that you have some of the best plants around.

5. PlantSense Garden Gro

The PlantSense is a gardening guide that allows you to see into your own habits and tendencies when you are gardening. Are you using too much water? Or maybe too much fertilizer? Maybe you aren’t using enough of either. Well if your garden is looking bleak or dying within weeks of your new self-grown sustainable diet you might need to look into why that is. It’s not always easy to do so however and if you are inexperienced at gardening it can take a lot of time to understand exactly what you need to do. So this is where the PlantSense comes into the picture. What you do is plug the USB end into the ground and then into your computer. It collects data on what you are doing and in turn tells you what you need to do. It’s a simple process and could lead to a simple solution.

6. Parrot Flower Power

The Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that monitors your plants and will relay messages to you about them through bluetooth to a smartphone app. It monitors your plant’s growth and health through four main categories: sunlight exposure, moisture, temperature, and fertilizer. When it collects enough information it sends you the reports or notifications about things you need to do to the app and alerts you. You then do what it says. I know, you don’t take orders from a plant or app but you might need to consider changing that policy if you want healthy and happy plants. It has a database of 7,000+ plants that can meet your specific needs. You can log it in and keep it in a diary. So if you want to boost your plant’s life, you might want to look into the Flower Power.

7. Husqvarna Automower

Anyone who has had to cut grass for 3-4 months during the warmer months knows that it can be frustrating, time-consuming, and frankly boring. Whether you are looking for a way out of it or you just value your time and want to focus on other more important things than this product will not disappoint. the automower is able to cut your grass without your assistance, whenever, wherever. Seriously, you can cut your grass in the morning or at night, when it’s raining or when it’s just too hot to stay out in the sun for too long. It is an impressive piece of machinery and it frees up that hour to three hours of time it takes to cut your grass for you to focus your efforts elsewhere. It’s essentially a roomba for your grass.

8. Smart Solar Solar Oxygenator Air Pump and Diffuser

Utilizing and harnessing the sun for power is not anything new but what we’re applying it to is actually really impressive. For instance the Oxygenator by Smart Solar uses it to boost the health of your pond. It will be able to provide your pond with oxygen when the levels are too low. But it will also prevent it from being to stagnant or calm by creating ripples in order to prevent the growth of mosquitoes and attracting more birds to protect it. So now you won’t have to deal with the annoying mosquitos and an unhealthy pond.

9. Rachio Smart Sprinkler

It seems like it’s commonplace now to be able to control everything that deals with your home from your smartphone and why would we stop when it comes to your lawn? With the smart sprinkler type system you can control the system. But it also can use the ability to hook up to the internet as a way to check the weather and use that data to see if it will rain to know when to not water the lawn. It will decide different times to water based on the season or when it previously did. In the end you can see yourself using 30% less water for your lawn. Not bad for a sprinkler.

10. Windowfarms Tower

This is a fun take on the indoor garden. The only thing you really need to do is put it next to a window and the plant feeding and watering is automated. The watering process gives the plants a nutrient rich water to provide optimal growth and it gets those nutrients from a reservoir. The system is energy-efficient and is rather aesthetically appealing.

So there you have it. You can see that indoor gardens have taken all of the hard work out of growing a garden and in the end optimized plant growth potential through very intricate means. If you are the type to get out there and get dirty then there are plenty of options for monitoring your plants, catering to specific needs, and utilizing energy-efficient means to get the plants to their healthiest.


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